Rebound by: Kwame Alexander
Updated: 12/1/2020
Rebound by: Kwame Alexander

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  • In this scene, Charlie Bell is depressed because his father passed away from a stroke and is ignoring his friends (CJ and Skinny) because of his sadness. His friends know what happened but they want to help him feel better. They always used to play basketball together but not lately.
  • Charlie, wanna come play basketball with CJ and I?
  • Rebound by:Kwame Alexander
  • I think that you will enjoy visiting grandma and grandpa!
  • Charlie's mom and himself are both sad about their loss so Charlie's mom thinks that it is a good idea for Charlie to go to her parents house for the whole summer. Charlie hates this idea. When they arive, Charlie is showed how to mow the lawn and help in many other ways around the house for his grandparents. He is also expected to wake up before the sunrises with his grandpa. This is not Charlie's "ideal" summer vacation.
  • NO I WON'T! Thanks for ruining my summer and life!
  • In this scene, Charlie is sitting in the bleachers at the basketball court reading a comic book that he loves while his cousin Roxie, is playing basketball on the court working on her game.
  • In this scene, Charlie hadn't been playing basketball with his cousin (Roxie) the whole day until she finally convinced him. The game was tied up and Roxie saw Charlie wide open. She passed it to him to take the shot and he sunk it. Everyone in the crowd went crazy and so did Charlie and Roxie.
  • Shoot it, CHARLIE! (Page 224)
  • This scene happened the day after Charlie hit the game winning shot for the game that he was convinced into playing. In this scene, talented cousin Roxie is coaching unskilled Charlie at basketball and how he can improve on his game. Charlie finally found something that made him happy while at his grandparents house.
  • In this scene, Charlie is mad about how he played with Roxie that day in the game. He missed a big time shot. His grandpa mentions how he can not expect to make every shot. This quote stood out to me because I have to remind myself about this sometimes that everyone makes mistake and you learn from what you fail at.
  • “You know, Chuck, You're not always gonna swish. You gonna miss some. Heck, you gonna miss a lot. That's the way the real world works. But you gotta grab the ball and keep shooting." (Page 158)
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