epic project

Updated: 9/8/2021
epic project

Storyboard Text

  • wow look at that ZIGGURATE (Pyramid shaped temple)
  • Wow, it looks so good. The priest probably is in there (person who records rituals and is believed to know the gods will)
  • …Wait! I see a flood over there!
  • Hey don't worry, remember the IRRIGAITION SYSTEM (controlled supply of water)
  • I still do like that architecture. (science of building)
  • Wait...Where is joe!!
  • who is joe?
  • well then...
  • But sir, I'm innocent!
  • this is what is says. Cold, hard Cuneiform (System of writing)
  • this cant be!
  • Thanks scribe (Job about writing and knowing cuneiform)
  • Darn Hammurabi's Code (Law system made by Hammurabi)