Unknown Story
Updated: 3/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Year 1620, I and 101 pilgrims arrived to America, we don´t like the politics and religion of our land, England.
  • Year 1860, the terrain is divided in two, the Confederancy (the South) and the union (the north)
  • Year 1864, the civil war is killing thousads of persons, but the confederancy is losing soldiers.
  • Year 1621,we see natives, and they taught us to cultivate pumpkins and beans
  • Year 1861, here is living 13 colonies, we are a union
  • Year 1865, the Union won, the confederancy didn`t have people and now the slaves are free and the country is one nation.
  • VS
  • Lincoln the confederancy needs slaves!
  • Never, the union is anti-slavery!
  • VS
  • Union
  • Confederancy