Prince and the pauper alexa
Updated: 1/27/2020
Prince and the pauper alexa
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  • Expostiton
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • The exposition is that in they story there is a crowd in front of the prices palace and Tom is standing in front of palace, and they find each other and they look just a like.
  • Falling Action
  • That was a lot of running
  • The rising action is that the prince and Tom decide to swich places to see what each other's life is like but it ends up bad for the prince becuase tom's dad is mean and he bets up the prince, and Tom does not know what to do as the princes and he does not know that he has a serimony coming up and he does not know what to say.
  • Resolution
  • Where is the Great seal of England
  • The climax is when the constable stills the pig from the woman and gives it to the prince that is pretinding to be Tom, and then prince has to go to court and he almost go hanged but the woman felt bad for him and told the jusdes not to hang him, and Tom is about to give a speech.
  • Themes
  • The falling action is when Tom has to get ready for the seramony and the prince just got out of almost dieing and Tom was about to have to talk to all of the people and then tom and the prince ran to go find each other so they could swich back
  • The resolution is when Tom and the prince found each other and they had to convice Heford that Tom was nt the prince by asking the the only one who know where the Great seal of England was and the prince finally remebered where it was and they swiched back.
  • The two themes that I choose were To never lie because it could have major consequences and the second one is Do not take forgranted of what you have.
  • never lie because it will be even worst
  • Don't take what you have for granted
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