AP Psych Hurdles to problem solving
Updated: 3/17/2021
AP Psych Hurdles to problem solving

Storyboard Text

  • Ughh... I wish I could shoot three pointers better
  • I'll teach you, but you have to start practicing shooting close to the basket
  • You have to take smaller steps to reach your goal, it will pay off
  • Shooting close isn't as fun as shooting threes, this wont help me
  • Ok but i really just want to shoot threes
  • Now you will move back and work on mid range shots
  • Wow!! My shots are going in!!
  • Just Like I told you!! We broke the problem into parts and made smaller goals
  • DescriptionThis person was having trouble shooting three-pointers and wanted to fix it by shooting three-pointers. What he didn't know was that his form was wrong. The coach helped him by breaking down the steps. first, he had to use the correct form starting from up close and worked his way up instead of trying to do it on his own.