Chemistry AIL

Updated: 10/1/2021
Chemistry AIL

Storyboard Text

  • There existed two friends Magnusson and Claudium (who were of quite opposite personalities). Magnusson was a believer of polar bonds and Claudium believed in making non-polar bonds.
  • An Unlikely Friendship of Chemistry
  • I am Magnusson. I make the bonds which are polar in nature Sometimes also referred to as covalent bonds that are formed between different types of atoms
  • I am Claudium, I represent non-polar bonds which are the quite opposite of the first ones. These are those covalent bonds which are formed between similar atoms
  • As different atoms have different electronegativities the shared pair of electrons are slightly closer to the more electronegative one rather than the less electronegative atom of the molecule. So poles are formed which are positively or negatively charged
  • And as these bonds are formed between similar atoms their electronegativity is the same so the shared pairs of electrons is at same distance from both the atoms of the molecule.
  • Storyboard by Laksh Khurana and Kanav Midha
  • Properties of Polar Covalent Compounds Physical state: These compounds can exist as solids due to greater force of interactions.Melting and boiling points: These have greater melting and boiling point than non-polar compounds. Conductivity: They conduct electricity in the solution state due to the mobility of ions.
  • Properties Of Non-polar Covalent CompoundsPhysical State: These are mainly existing as gases and less existence as liquids.Nature: These are very soft in nature.Solubility: These are insoluble in water or less soluble in water. ...Conductivity: These are insulators since they have no chargeable particles.