Marbury Vs Madison
Updated: 2/8/2021
Marbury Vs Madison

Storyboard Text

  • Adams and Marbury in Adams Office
  • No
  • Marbury I am making you the justice of peace. The Papers of approval were sent to your house yesterday
  • I was never given papers? Do you think it's to late because Jefferson is almost president?
  • Madison and Jefferson in Jefferson's Office
  • Ok
  • I need you do discard this letter to Marbury so he can't be in office
  • Madison Throws Away Marbury's letter
  • Marbury Petitioned for His Job
  • Use your powers to give me my papers.
  • Marbury and Madison went to Court
  • I've decided that Marbury deserves the job but Madison does not have to hand over the papers.
  • The Supreme Court made Judicial Review
  • We have never said that a law passed by congress was unconstitutional.
  • The Judiciary act is unconstitutional
  • This is called judicial review it helps keep the branches in check.
  • Yup
  • Wait so I don't get my job?