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Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Sometimes there are cells that are made up of multiple kinds of other cells. This would be considered a mutation due to it having a change in the DNA sequence and multiplying dangerous cells.
  • I noticed there was something on me growing, almost like a lump. When I headed to the doctors in my college campus, they said it was nothing and that'd it'd go away. This continued for a while.
  • Around possibly the time I was graduating, I believed the lump on my body was serious. When I went to go check it out again, it was revealed, I had Stage 3 skin cancer, Melanoma which had mutated over time.
  • I had to get it surgically removed or else I could have been in danger. I was told that melanoma starts out in the epidermis, which was the top layer of skin. I thought that if she had more melanin in my skin, I wouldn't have an issue like this especially at a young age at 21. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.
  • The doctor had told me that the melanocytes in my body had most likely had a change in DNA which caused them to mutate and swell up my lymph nodes and filtered out some of the cancer cells, luckily it didn't spread anywhere else and this had protected me from the cancer cells to metastasis in other parts of my body.
  • It felt like my world went downhill. I was a young black woman, 21 with melanoma. I wasn't sure it it'd return. I hoped not.
  • I didn't realize that, but when I looked at the lump, it was a mole. The swelling was from the lymph nodes rather than the mole itself.
  • I was shocked, I wasn't sure if this would come back after it got removed though. If it does, I hope it does not metastasize anywhere past it's original location, for my sake.
  • The only explanation I was told was possibly too much sun exposure. The UV rays could've gotten past the epidermis and create a "mole".