Gilgamesh Transfer Task
Updated: 1/18/2021
Gilgamesh Transfer Task

Storyboard Text

  • "Do not go down into the forest; when I opened the gate my hand lost it's strength"
  • Page 99
  • "Dear friend, do not speak like a coward...hold close to me now and you will feel no fear of death; keep beside me and you will feel no fear of death."
  • Page 100
  • "My friend I have dreamed a dream..Terror and confusion; I seized hold of a wild bull in the wilderness.. I fell back on my knee; then someone refreshed me with water from his water-skin "
  • "The one who gave water from his water-skin, that is your own god who cares for your good name, your Lugulbanda. United with him, together we will accomplish a work the fame if which will never die."
  • Page 101
  • I dreamed again. We stood in a deep gorge of the mountain... and suddenly the mountain fell, it stuck me and caught my feet from under me. Then came an intolerable light blazing out.. Je pulled me out from under the mountain, he gave me water drink...and he set my feet on the ground."
  • Page 102
  • "O GIlgamesh, how long will you lie like this, asleep? Never let the mother who gave you birth be forced in the mourning into the city square.'
  • "Who is this that has violated my woods and cut down my cedar"
  • Page 106
  • "If we touch him the blaze and the glory of light will be put out in confusion, the glory and glamour will vanish, its rays will be quenched."
  • "Not so, my friend...After wards we can search out the glory and the glamour, when the chickens run distracted through the grass."
  • Page 107
  • "O Gilgamesh, king and conqueror of the dreadful blaze; wild bull who plunders the mountain who crosses the sea, glory to him, and from the brave the greater glory is Enki's!"