Andrew Jackson's Presidency
Updated: 5/8/2020
Andrew Jackson's Presidency

Storyboard Text

  • Were so Honored to work in the office!
  • Spoils System
  • You can't kick us out!
  • I am announcing that my supporters are in office now!
  • Trail of Tears/Indian Removal Act
  • You need to leave this area or we will remove you forcefully!
  • National Bank
  • I will not be making any new loans. I will also be asking for repayment of loans from individuals and Privately owned businesses.
  • This is when Jackson announced the Spoils system. He is telling the former office workers that they no longer work in the office. Jackson's supporters work in office now.
  • This is when several tribes were told that they needed to leave their homes. Later on, they were sent to the west and the United States had made this land theirs.
  • Biddle announcing to the public that since the bank will not be rechartered, he had to not make any new loans. Because of this, many merchants and manufacturers became bankrupt.