Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 2
Updated: 11/5/2020
Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 2

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  • I would be very pleased if you would allow me to marry Juliet. Even though she is young, most girls her age or younger are already married and mothers.
  • I appreciate the offer but I think Juliet is to young. Let's wait two more summers and then think about marriage. In the meantime go ahead and charm her. If she decides now she wants to get married I'll give her my blessing.
  • Also I would like to invite you to our annual feast this evening. Some of our closest friends will be there. You could also possibly find another girl you like better than my daughter.
  • Peter, walk around Verona and find the people on this list. Tell them that they are welcome at my house for the feast this evening
  • I can't read what am I supposed to do?
  • Sure I can Peter.
  • Excuse me, would you guys happen to know how to read? I'm supposed to deliver invites to these people for the Capulet's party tonight. Anyone is invited except for the Montague's.
  • Benvolio, I don't think I'll ever see someone more beautiful than Rosaline but I'll go anyways to see her.
  • Romeo, we should sneak in the party with our masks and maybe there will be another girl you find more beautiful than Rosaline.
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