Updated: 3/23/2021

Storyboard Description

Accounting project

Storyboard Text

  • We are currently using four hours of labor and eight hours in direct labor!
  • It is fine, we will see what our costing of these procedures will be!
  • Lets go over the bill for this month!
  • Ok! Lets see how much money we owe!
  • Cost to run machines: $4,891Cost for human Labor: $8,209 Total: $13,100
  • Wow! This must be because we have looked at all the details of what goes into our product!
  • We will spend no more than $48,000 in machine fees and no more than $36,000 in direct labor.
  • That seems good! We will go over it in the meeting later! To make sure that we do not go over the assigned amount.
  • So lets look over the bill and see if we have matched the amounts we set!
  • Alright here is the bill we had! It matches the numbers we have made for ourselves and followed.
  • Wow, we stayed within the boundaries we set and we saved more money for setting those boundaries!
  • Machine fees: $45,000Human Labor: $34,000 Total: $79,000