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Updated: 9/29/2020
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  • Many people in Rome were having to pay taxes, so they revolted, which led to the Romans letting all free Italian go. But they still needed workers, so they went to conquer other places to get more slaves, in which some were treated fairly, but some were not. There was a problem, though. With all of the slaves hard at work, the farmers and laborers had no jobs. They were crowding, which turned into a mob, in which could've possibly turned into an army.
  • They were using those extra people for their army to gain fame and power in distant land. Then in the civil war in the 80s B.C.E, a commander named Sulla put down a revolt to obtain roman citizenship. 40 years later, another civil war occurred between 2 generals, Pompey and Julius Caesar. Pompey had expanded Roman rule, but Julius Caesar had conquered most of Gaul. In 49 BCE, Pompey was back in Rome, but Caesar commanded an army in the north of Italy. They both wanted to rule Rome, but Pompey had support of the senate.
  • The senate eventually forbade Caesar to enter Italy with his army, but he disobeyed. After 3 years of fighting, he defeated Pompey. The scared senate named Caesar dictator for life. With him in charge, after 500 years, the republic came to an end. Caesar then made many reforms. He gave work to thousands of Romans by starting projects to make new roads and public buildings. To keep poor people happy, he staged gladiator contests that they could watch for free. He also adopted a new calendar that is still used today. Caesar thought that Rome could be a great army,
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