Unknown Story

Updated: 8/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Bob Blake jail
  • Hi my name is Jenny Purple and these are my friends Max is on my left and Will on my right. that's nosy mouse nosing in my business right now!
  • This is my family my mom and dad died in a car crash so I live with my grandpa and grandma and my 2 little brothers Jake is in the purple and Danny is in blue.
  • This is Maxes Blake's familyher dad is a human and is in jail. She also has a normal older brother(Brian). I am always there for her
  • This is Will kin's family. He has a mom, dad, a sister(Kit) and a brother(Nick). They haven't cleaned the place in like forever.
  • Okay you now know about me and my friends now let me tell you how we met. Me and Max first met.
  • Max and me met will when we were at recess.