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Updated: 11/26/2020
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  • Tell The Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt
  • Theme
  • Theme Development #1
  • "You're not scared or anything, are you? Because I know what I must have seemed like on the phone and I know what your family thinks of me, and I was trying so hard to find some kind of way to talk to you."
  • "No. You're not scaring me."
  • Progress Check #3: Theme by Naisha Kiladar
  • Theme Development #2
  • She rubbed her index finger over each of my fingernails, then she tapped her own and smiled. "I like the gold," she whispered.
  • A major theme in "Tell The Wolves I'm Home" is that relationships are forged through good times and in bad. This theme develops throughout the story when June is led to meet Toby after Finn's death. Also, June and Greta had had a big bump in their relationship, but when Finn died, they got closer.
  • Theme Development #3
  • "You're becoming a regular medievalist, Crocodile," he'd say. "What have I done to you?"
  • This theme is first introduced when Toby reaches out to June after Finn's death so he could develop a better relationship with her. If his death had not occured, June and Toby would probably have never met, and their strong, loving relationship would not have formed. The exchanges between June and Toby drive the story and keep the plot interesting.
  • Thematic Solution
  • Greta played a big part in developing the theme. For example, after Finn had died, the portrait he had painted of June and Greta fell into their possession. June's mom didn't want the painting hung up so she transferred it to an enclosed room in a bank. June and Greta used this portrait to "communicate" with each other by making small changes to it. These tiny good events ultimately led to the relationship between June and Greta to improve, and it's almost like Finn knew the portrait was going to bring the sisters together.
  • The relationship between June and Finn also contributes to the theme. Finn became June's godfather when she was five and they started spending a lot of time together. Their deep relationship eventually caused June to fall for Finn. If Finn had not come back from England, he would have never been June's godfather and their potent relationship would not have been established.
  • The final thematic solution in my opinion would be that all the good and bad events would lead to the relationships of everyone in the book to improve. The relationship between June and Greta had become better. Also the relationship between June and her mom had recovered.