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Seventh Grade
Updated: 8/31/2020
Seventh Grade
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  • Victor, a seventh grader, met up with his friend Michael. Victor realized that his friend had changed over the summer, because Michael was now scowling at girls, copying the way the magazines did it that he'd seen. Victor had also changed, and finally wanted to express his feelings to the girl he liked, Teresa.
  • Bonjour! Welcome to French class!
  • La me vave me con le grandma?
  • Victor had a crush on Teresa, and wanted to make her his this year. He had some of his classes with her, and he kept looking and checking up on her. He wanted to impress her, but never really got himself to talk to her because he was too shy. He tried a scowling technique that Michael had taught him, and assumed it worked because he caught girls looking at him.
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  • Victor wanted to impress Teresa by saying something nice or clever, but only ended up saying something awkward and then blushing. He then got distracted at English class and accidentally said her name as an example of a person, and tried spying on Teresa at lunch time, only to get more embarrassed with himself.
  • Teach me?
  • Victor again tried impressing Teresa at French class, and acted as if he knew French when he actually didn't. Only when he got called on to speak French, Victor realized that he only looked foolish and thought that Teresa would never think that he was a cool person anymore. Victor got so embarrassed that when class was over, he ran out of the room.
  • Victor assumed Teresa thought that he was an uneasy blushing weirdo, so he tried to avoid her as much as possible. But when he had to go back to class to retrieve his stuff, Teresa was waiting for him and complemented his French. Victor realized that Teresa knew as much French as he did, all the while the French teacher, Mr. Bueller smiled as he watched and related to what happened with Victor in French class.
  • When Teresa asked how he knew French, Victor tried covering up his story by awkwardly mumbling, "Yeah, well, I picked up a few things from movies and books and stuff like that." He was worried that Teresa wouldn't believe him and his cover would be blown, but she just smiled and asked him to teacher her French one day, which Victor accepted.
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