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Updated: 2/7/2021
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  • YEAHH!!
  • YES!
  • Kids, today ill be telling you some facts about temperature and how humans affect it.
  • Yikes :(
  • Humans boys and girls have a huge impact on our environment. We burn lots of fossil fuels and do enormous amounts of activities that affect our air quality and temperature.
  • When it comes to the consequences, we're usually not ready for it. We have to deal with heat that cannot escape our atmosphere into space and reduced agricultural yields. Those are bad issues that we have to deal with during our lives.
  • wow :(
  • Awful
  • Will do!
  • despite all of that we have some solutions to prevent temperature effect. We can drive fuel-efficient vehicles, power your houses with renewable energy and waste no water. :)
  • sure thing!!!
  • was great!
  • it was awesome!
  • lesson learned. take care of our planet!
  • of course we did!
  • So did we learn something new today? We took a really great walk :)
  • Thank you!
  • thanks Mr.Oliver
  • thanks for the great lesson Mr. Oliver!
  • thanks again Mr. Oliver.
  • No problem boys. Have a great rest of your day!