And then there were none chapters 1-9 summary
Updated: 2/19/2021
And then there were none chapters 1-9 summary

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  • Single chapter-1
  • The old man in the carriage with Mr.Blore speaks of a squall and judgment day.
  • "Im talking to you, young man. The day of judgement is very close at hand."
  • Single chapter-2
  • As the characters settle into their rooms, Vera meets both Rogers, takes note of the china dolls, and gets a horrible flashback, Dr.Armstrong is making his way to the mansion, Wargrave talks to Armstrong for a bit, asks Armstrong and Mr.Rogers if Constance culmination is here, And many other characters do their own thing.
  • Single chapter-3
  • The cast was startled by a sudden voice, and the voice started to accuse them of murders.
  • "Ladies and gentle men, silence please!"
  • Combined chapters 4-5
  • "The legal life's narrowing! Im all for crime! Heres to it."
  • While the characters respond to the accusations, Marston seems fearless and takes a drink of his drink. That would be his last mistake for his entire life.
  • Separate chapters 6-7
  • After Mrs.Roger's death, Vera and Brent go take a walk to watch for the boat. There, they discuss the death of Beatrice Taylor and Brent still isn't feeling guilt.
  • "Indeed,she's gone."
  • "If she had behaved like a decent modest young woman, none of this would've happened."
  • Seperate chapters 8-9
  • "There is so little time-so little time. I really must insist that no one disturbs me."
  • A while after the events of chapter 7, MacArthur sits on a rock, looking out at the horizon. Mr.Blore, Dr. Armstrong, and Philip Lombard all search the island for possible hiding spots. Mr.Blore asks the Genera; what he is doing, and MacArthur seems to accept his fate. In the next chapter, As the character finish their lunch, Dr.Armstrong comes back to report the death of General Macarthur.
  • "General Macarthur-"
  • "dead!"