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father and son argument
Updated: 9/25/2019
father and son argument
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rabbi jaffe class

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  • You cannot just learn all day you have to work too. If your not doing both working and learning hand in hand then its considered sinning.
  • וכל תורה שאין עמה מלאכה סופה בטלה וגוררת עוון
  • כל המקבל עליו עול תורה מעבירין ממנו עול דרך ארץ
  • Well I learnt in my year of Israel that if you do what God wants, which I'm doing, I can learn full time and have someone else do my work.
  • Well I also learnt that torah=flour and in order to make flour you have to work. So you should be working and learning.
  • אם אין קמח-אין תורה
  • מפני שהודל לעבוד את ה' לשרתו ולהורות דרכיו הישרים ומשפטיו הצזיקים לרבים
  • Well who are people supposed to go to with questions if I'm not learning all day? How will I answer their questions if you wont let me learn?
  • אבל משפט התורה צריך שה' רק לפי טבע האנושי הנוהג ברוב ולא נתנה למלאכי השרת
  • Well not everyone is able to sit and learn all day and I know you don't like to sit for a long time, so how will you be able to sit and learn all day?
  • Well I sat through a whole year of sitting and learning so I think I can do this.
  • All I'm asking you to do is divide your time between work and learning. You don't have to work full time.
  • הנהג בהן מנהג דרך ארץ
  • ומכל מקום לא יעשה מלאכתו עיקר אלא עראי ותורתו קבע
  • Okay fine I'll work but I'm setting aside a time for learning everyday so I don't fall off track.
  • כיון שהתורה שהתורה לא נתנה זמן ושיעור קבוע, השיעור הוא כפי יכולתו
  • I'm happy your setting a time for learning because it says in the Gemara if you are capable to learn then you should.
  • Yes, I decided I will work and learn because that is what R' Yishmeal says to do and many people have listened to him and they were all successful.
  • "הרבה עשו כרבי ישמעאל, ועלתה בידן"
  • Thanks for pushing me to work and not just learn.
  • No Problem! I just want whats best for you.
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