things you can do on chol hamoed
Updated: 3/19/2020
things you can do on chol hamoed

Storyboard Text

  • Ok, since this its important and we don't want to loose out on this opportunity and the folders are really expensive usually.
  • Hey mom! Can we go to staples and get me more folders because they are having a sale now and I need it this week for school?
  • Hi Rabbi, I wanted to ask you an important question. Am I allowed to work on chol hamoed?
  • You can work because its paying for your family to eat.
  • Dad, can i make myself some noodles for lunch or am I not allowed to cook?
  • Yes, you are allowed.
  • I'm going to work at home today because its kind of muktzah to work on yuntif.
  • Im going to help Mr. Schwartz next door repair his sink because my rabbi said I'm allowed.
  • Thats so nice, have fun.
  • Did your boss allow you to take off of work and not use vacation days?
  • Yes he let because he is Jewish too.