The Hound of the Baskervilles

Updated: 5/22/2021
The Hound of the Baskervilles

Storyboard Text

  • Dr. Mortimer visits Sherlock Holmes, who is with Watson, to talk about some papers that were given to him by Charles Baskerville,which talks about Hugo Baskerville's mysterious death
  • It doesn't scares me
  • He was killed by a huge animal
  • Charles Baskerville died from a heart attack and Barrymore, his butler, reported something interesting about the footprints, but Mortimer had gone there and found out that one thing was not true
  • There are footprints of a huge hound!!
  •  Sir Henry Baskerville is going to be the new head of the Baskervilles's family house because he was Charles's nephew. Holmes and Watson followed him and Dr. Mortimer, and see a man with beard following them, he is a suspect
  • That's our man Watson! Come along!
  • Sir Henry, Dr. Mortimer and Watson arrived to Baskerville Hall, where Barrymore and his wife were staying for them. While he was walking, Watson meets Stapleton, he was saying strange things and Watson knew he was lying.
  • Has Mr Holmes any ideas about Sir Charles' death?
  • He can't leave London at the moment
  • The day that Sir Charles die, a pretty lady wrote him in order to meet up, so Watson go to her house looking for the truth. She refused to tell everything she knew about the letter she has wrote
  • I dind't go! I got help from someone else
  • Well, what happened when you got there?
  • In the meantime, Holmes wanted to be near the enemy without being watched and to protect Sir Henry, so he was hidding on a cabin on the moor. Sir Henry falled in love with Stapleton's sister, who really was his wife.
  • When we put together everyting that each of us has discovered,
  • What are you doing there Holmes??
  •  I expect we shall know almost everything about this case