my project
Updated: 12/13/2019
my project
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  • oh wow , show me then . .
  • you know that certain animals we see in person and on TV a lot or daily are becoming extinct right before our eyes .... Let me show you
  • bees are not as bad as others but getting close we take honey from them and damage their homes , if bees die we cant get as many fresh plants .
  • then we have climate change which is melting the glaciers the sun reflects off of so we can see .
  • and the cause of that is green house gases , factories and more harm caused by us .
  • a way we can prevent or change the affects we've caused is by not affecting nature as much , making sure we walk instead of drive down the street and more simple things like not using as much electricity .
  • your totally right !
  • we do alot of damage to the earth when we should protect and care for it , change can start with us !
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