Romulus and REmus Brock
Updated: 1/16/2020
Romulus and REmus Brock
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  • King Amulius sending Rhea Silvia to prison
  • Lock her away! We cannot let her have a child to take the throne.
  • King Amulius sending a servant to toss the twins in the Tiber River
  • Throw those kids in the Tiber River! If we don't kill them the gods will spare us.
  • The She-wolf finds the twins
  • Waaaa!
  • King Amulius sent Rhea Silvia to prison so she would't have a child that could take his throne. In prison she would fall in love with the god Mars. They had twin boys named Romulus and Remus.
  • The Shepherd finds and takes Romulus and Remus
  • Since we can't have kids, I could take them and raise them as our own.
  • King Amulius sent a servant to throw the twins in the Tiber River. The servant took pity on the twins and instead put them in a basket and laid them in the river. The river god Tibernus calmed the waters and they drifted to a bank.
  • King Amulius' Shepherds take Remus Captive
  • Help!
  • The she-wolf found the twins that were thrown in the river. After she takes them back to her den and raises them as her own children.
  • Romulus Kills Remus
  • I will name this city Rome!
  • The shepherd and his wife agree to take Romulus and Remus. The shepherd takes Romulus and Remus to his home where he raises them as shepherds with his wife.
  • Remus was captured by King Amulius' shepherds. Romulus would go on to get a band of local shepherds and lead them to kill King Amulius and give the throne back to Nimitor.
  • Romulus and Remus were arguing over what hill to build on. Romulus kills Remus because Remus was taunting Romulus over the height of the wall. Out of anger Romulus stabs him. The city of Rome was named after Romulus, their first leader.
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