Updated: 9/9/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Audrey! So glad I ran into you. I just tried this top on. Do you love it on me?
  • Adriana and I want to invite you both out to dinner tonight. Are you two available?
  • Hey Anthony and Adriana! Audrey and I were going to shop a little want to join?
  • Oh my gosh I love it Ariana! The color is perfect with your hair.
  • I am sorry but that shirt is so ugly on her and if she wears it tonight we’re not going to dinner with her.
  • Unfortunately, I feel the same way about Anthony. Why don’t you and I just go for coffee since we enjoy being together.
  • Henry, I don’t feel like Audrey is being authentic she doesn’t make me feel good when I’m around her.
  • Honey that’s not very nice she’s one of your best friends why would you ever say something like that about Adriana?
  • Henry you make me so happy when I’m around you you are one of my best friends and I can always be honest with you!
  • You are the best, to Adriana I trust you with my life.