Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • can you believe America has been trading with our enemy? they should be on our side!
  • the British are angry because America is continuing to trade with France and Britain at the same time. Britain and France are in war. Britain thinks America is siding with France.
  • we should attack merchant ships to France and impress their sailors!
  • British seized American merchant ships, as well as impressing their sailors into the Royal Navy
  • so where's our next Rodrick Random...
  • the British Naval Press gang swept the streets looking for their next recruit...
  • these sailors shall now be a part of our Royal Navy!
  • this American sailor is being impressed by the British...
  • America's Impress Cutters patrolled harbors, searching for their Impressed men
  • British ships are coming...
  • the British have been impressing our seamen!
  • to put a stop to the British, America passed the Embargo Act, which means America can't trade with any other countries.
  • the Embargo Act!
  • we should end our trade with other countries, so US citizens stay safe.