The journey to find an Annual Sale
Updated: 2/17/2021
The journey to find an Annual Sale

Storyboard Description

Vanessa must complete her mothers tasks by going to the stores and finding an annual sale. She asks her close friend Max to join but Max warns Vanessa that the rain may affect the completion of the task They both visit the store where the Annual Sale was initially supposed to take place. Vanessa and Max were disappointed as the store was temporarily closed and they were unable to find the annual sale. They both attempted to look for another store which would have an annual sale but there was no other store that had an annual sale. Max decided that it was best to try for another day as the rain was starting to pour.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey max, my mom gave me some tasks to fulfill for her. Would you like to help?
  • Sure thing Vanessa! It looks like its going rain willow be capable of completing these tasks during the rain?
  • Of course max, a bit of rain won't stop you from participating! Lets make our way to the store!
  • Lets go then!
  • Lets try another store before it starts raining
  • Max it looks like the store is temporarily closed. What do we do?
  • Vanessa why did you need to go to the store anyway? You told me you went there the other day
  • My mother said there was an annual sale going on. She told me to check it out.
  • Well that's odd max, there's no sign of an annual sale in this store.
  • Lets try for another day Vanessa, the weather is getting worse.