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Updated: 9/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • This goes on for 3 weeks. every single day John asks for a new pencil.
  • Yeah, here you go.No problem
  • Hey can I get a pencil?Thank You
  • Things are not good at Johns house.
  • Hey John, I feel upset when i can't keep my pencils because I have to ask my parents for more and more pencils. In the future please try and buy your own pencils. Thank you
  • It's okay just try and get your own pencils.
  • Okay. I'm sorry for taking all your pencils Sherry.
  • What's going on at Johns house you might ask.
  • OH SON!
  • Don't worry mom and dad I'll get us through this.
  • Oh... I'm sorry John I just didn't know the full story. If you need some food I'm sure my family wouldn't mind giving you some.
  • Oh... Thank you so much if you can do that. Still thank you for listening to me.
  • Hey Sherry I'm sorry that I took your pencils from you it's just that i'm in a bad state my mom and dad are poor.