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Updated: 4/29/2020
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  • Chapter 1-OMAM
  • We are gonna have our own farm with all the animals we want.
  • I can take care of rabbits!!
  • Chapter 2-OMAM
  • George and Lennie meet Candy and the dog and get familiar with everything
  • Chapter 3-OMAM
  • Thank ya Slim
  • Here ya go Lennie
  • This is significant in the beginning of the story because this is the driving force behind their dream of owning their own farm. But also what drives them everyday and in a way makes George and Lennie closer then ever.
  • Chapter 4-OMAM
  • Lennie is told to fight back and grabs Curley's hand and crushes it.
  • This shows when candy is extending his hand and being nice to them it shows no matter the time there is always time for companionship that ties people tpgether for the better.
  • Chapter 5-OMAM
  • Lennie was stroking Curley's wife's hair when she shrieked and he grabbed hold of her and could not let go accidently killing her.
  • In this scene there seems to be a sense of joy Lennie has because he has been given a responsibility but knowing what we know about Lennie's pets shows the dramatice irony of giving him a pet knowing his history.
  • Chapter 6-OMAM
  • George found Lennie and knew he had to kill him before the "mob" came to do worse than just kill Lennie.
  • Curly sees himself as the bigshot that can do what he wants Overall Curley attacks Lennie because his pride has been hurt and he sees Lennie as a person he can "use" in order to keep his dignity.
  • This Death that Lennie caused by accident symbolizes a certain loss of freedom and basically after this death there is no way he can have a life at peace.
  • This symbolizes that Lennies death symbolized that the American dream is truly never achievable because no matter what there will always be and unescapable obstacle in the way.
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