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Thumper's Mathematical Adventure
Updated: 3/26/2020
Thumper's Mathematical Adventure
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  • Hi my name is Thumper. I love to jump. If that tree is 8 feet tall and I look up 67 degrees at it, I can use 8/ (tan 67) to figure out that that tree is about 3.4 feet away.
  • If that mountain is 3.4 miles tall and I am 2 miles away from it, I can use tan-1 (3.4/2) to find that the angle of elevation is 59.5 degrees. 
  • I told you I love to jump, but did I also tell you that I am super strong?
  • I'm Snowball, did you know that the angle of depression is 55 degrees, and it is 10,320 feet down the mountain
  • I'm almost at the top! But wait! who are you?
  • I didn't know that, but I do know that if that is true, I can use 10,320(sin 55) to get that the height of the mountain is 8453 feet tall.
  • I use (sin-1)5/11 to get that the angle of elevation is about 27 degrees.
  • Yeah, did you know that if the screen is 5 yards high, and it is 11 yards from my feet to the screen, I can find the angle of elevation.
  • I just love the movies, don't you?
  • That's Fantastic.
  • Thumper hung out with snowball all week, and continued to use math problems.
  • If I'm 4 feet away from the vending machine, and from my feet to the top cherry coke is 7 feet, I can use (cos-1)4/7 to get that the angle of elevation is 55.2 degrees.
  • Me to the house is four meters, and I'm looking up at the roof at a 42 degree angle. I can use 4/(cos 42) to get that, from my feet to the roof is 5.4 meters
  • If Snowball was being honest, she was getting a little annoyed of it.
  • Not again!
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