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Thumper's mathematical adventure II
Updated: 3/26/2020
Thumper's mathematical adventure II
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  • Make it stop!
  • Snowball just wanted the math to end!
  • If I am looking up at the crossbar at a twenty degree angle and the goal is 8 feet high, how far away am I from the goal? I can use 8/(tan 20)to get that I am 22 feet away.
  • Ok Boomer.
  • Thumper, please no more math!
  • If that building is 2,000 feet taller than where I am, and it is 4,300 feet away from me, I can use tan-1(2,000/4,300) to get the angle of elevation, which is 24.9 degrees.
  • I can use 5/(sin 68) to get 5.4 as the length.
  • What has he become?
  • Thumper just kept getting more and more maniacal about math!
  • This forklift is 5 feet tall, and I look up 68 degrees at it. How far is it from my feet to the top?
  • That's it! Thumper we are done! You are too obsessed with math to care about me! I am leaving!
  • Finally Snowball had had enough.
  • From me to the tree is 6 feet, and the tree is 20 feet tall. I can use tan-1(20/6) to find that the angle of elevation for me to look at the top is 73.3 degrees.
  • Wait! Don't Go!
  • Snowball left and Thumper was alone. The morale of the story is: do not be obsessed with math
  • I'm so sad. I had the girl of my dreams and she left me. I'm too sad to even do a math problem.
  • The End
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