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project 1
Updated: 10/16/2020
project 1
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  • Great Britain wanted to get more money out of the colonists, this was practically because of the French and Indian War. The British Protected the colonist's land in the war.
  • We want your money!
  • The colonists got more aggravated with the increase of taxes that they had to do. They also found the Stamp Act very unfair because they had to put it on every piece of paper to be able to use it.
  • The Boston Tea Party started because of the new law that passed called the tea act which meant they had to pay taxes to buy tea. So on December 16, 1773, There were 50 men dressed as Mohawk Indians and they put all the tea into the sea.
  • After a while, they boycott for many years and causing multiple protests and massive outbreaks with killing and angry mobs, They decided to go to war with Great Britain.
  • I Don't want to go to war, but I must fight for my freedom!
  • The first blow as in Lexington, They British were watching and had a spy planted in their place and told them British exactly where they were but so did the colonists. The British were going to do a surprise attack but the colonists were already told that they were coming so on, April 18, 1775 early morning they fought and first shot was given of and no one knew where but that the shot that set everyone off and in the end eight colonists were dead or dying and ten were limping away.
  • This time things switched the colonists won the battle. In 2 minutes, the British were runing away because the They were shooting at the British, more than 4000 minutemen were lined up ready to fire. They shot at every red coat that they saw. By the end of the day, 74 British soldiers were dead, 200 were wounded or missing. They counted their amount of losses as 49 dead and 41 wounded.
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