Carlee Nail-Aztec comic
Updated: 2/19/2021
Carlee Nail-Aztec comic

Storyboard Text

  • AZTEC LIFE (spy)
  • You must go to the market and get up food to survive!!!
  • Okay ill be going now sorry!!
  • This is a hasel and I have to slave to be able to provide the other what they need! But as long as im back in not to long i'll be fine.. right?I hope I don't get sacrificed!I hope that they aren't on me... I hope i'm not a suspicious spy. This place is kina different they have to get there food as in corn at a market outdoors.
  • Hi!! Are you here for corn? What would you be trading in for today?
  • Yes! I will be trading some cacona beans!! For a bucket of corn! Thank you!!
  • I am back and have the corn you asked for!
  • Okay Now let me take you somewhere.. follow me.
  • Now here is where people get sacrificed over there is when the rings rule now you are going to be sacrificed... happens daily to get what we plusser. Something seems of about you... Are not apart of us?
  • No sir! Please don't sacrifice me! I'm not acting weird im apart of you guys! I promise! Please don't sacrifice me!!
  • I think they are on to me!! I'm a spy they are going to kill me! I must run!! They are trying to catch up! I'm so scared.