Adventure of speckled band part II
Updated: 1/1/2021
Adventure of speckled band part II

Storyboard Text

  • After inspecting Helen Stoner 's former room , they came to a conclusion that It was excuse to move Helen from her room.
  • The next which was next inspected Room was in which Julia had me her fate. after inspection Holmes asked "what is the rope for ?" then Helen Replied "It goes to the housekeeper 's room . Holmes gave the rope a brisk tug. Holmes found that the bell rope was a dummy and it was fastened to a hook above the little opening for the ventilator.
  • " the builder is a fool to open a ventilator into another room instead outside for fresh air." said Holmes
  • Next they inspected the doctor 's room and found a milk saucer. Holmes demanded to know if the doctor had a cat. Helen replied : No . Holmes said that he had to stay for the night in Helens room as the doctor retired for the day
  • At the middle of the night something entered the ventilator and made a soothing sound. Holmes sprang up ,struck a match and lashed furiously at the bell rope and they entered DR. Roylott 's room.
  • As they entered a diamond shaped head serpent raised "It is a swamp Adder, The deadliest snake in India. The DR must have died within ten seconds of being bitten" said Holmes " Violence does recoil upon the violent" Rightly said by Holmes
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