alexander the 3rd
Updated: 1/13/2021
alexander the 3rd

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  • alexander the 3rd
  • the beggining of the end
  • no!! wait until the storms over its to dangorous
  • NO! The storm is fine
  • trying crossing the sea
  • please dont rsk it sir its to far
  • ARE YOU KIDDING! we will be fine! i need me and my men over there.
  • on the 19th of march 1286 Alexander the 3rd was in edinburgh castle overlooking a meeting with his royale council.
  • crossing the sea and the cliffs
  • when alexander was trying to leave, his advisors were pleadeing him to stay because of the stormy weather but the king was desperate to go as he had to return home to his wife.
  • alexanders death
  • alexander the next morning
  • alexander got to the firth and asked the ferryman to take him across. The ferryman begged the king not to cross but alexander didnt listen.
  • alexanders funeral
  • after alexander and his men got off the ship alexander and his men went through the rickity cliffs towards kinghorn.
  • Alexander got lost and his horse couldnt see where it was going as it was night time. His horse stumbled off of the cliff and alexander was found dead the next morning. With a head concushion.
  • AGHHHH!!
  • At his funeral there were lots of family, friends and people from his kingdom and his only heir to power was Margret, maid of norway who was only 6 at the time but sadly died before she could be crowned.
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