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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/22/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Hugh decided to dress Cap as the opposing team so cap could be beat up by the football team. he wanted to hurt cap because he was jealous of Cap when he became popular. he decided to team up with Zach
  • when Cap leaves to the football field he gets attacked by the football team and the first one to reach Cap was Darryl.when they find out cap was the person in the uniform, they got in trouble and Darryl was upset. Cap went to the nurse's office.
  • charity 1,000
  • Darryl argued at Zach about setting him up.Then he decided to punch Zach. Cap blocked the punch hitting Zach by jumping in the way.
  • Darryl carried Cap to the nurses office after punching Cap. School was about to end when the nurse carried Cap to ambulance. In the ambulance Cap and his grandmother, Rain, go to garland.
  • when the principal of c-average, Mr. Kasigi, finds out about the 1,000 dollars for charity and calls for Mrs. Donnelly. Mrs. Donnelly explains that at garland the children don't even know what a penny is. Mr. Kasigi cancels the dance
  • The kids at c-average think that Cap is gonna take revenge by running people over and more stuff like that. Naomi and Lena go and try to figure out what happened to Cap and think he's dead. the kids at c-average give Zach and Hugh a death stare but Zach and Hugh start a plan.
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