The Mask
Updated: 3/9/2021
The Mask

Storyboard Text

  • LS - Rebecca walks in on Rob, as Rob looks forlornly. For 5 seconds, he does not show any awareness of Rebecca's presence. From the looks on his face, he seems to be feeling sick.
  • MCU - Rebecca shows concern as she moves close to Rob. Rob now turns to face Rebecca. He robs the side of his head to indicate that he is having a headache.
  • CU - Realizing that Rob may be performing one of his numerous theatrics, Rebecca lets out a good laugh, rubbing her right hand over her chin as if she is trying to muffle her laughter.
  • CU - Rob is upset that Rebecca is laughing at him. He is angry because whenever he shows any sign of illness, Rebecca thinks that he's only looking for an excuse to take the rest of the hours off.
  • ECU - Rebecca, wearing a stern face, turns to Rob and warns him about the consequences of his pretence.