Creek and the kids
Updated: 1/29/2021
Creek and the kids

Storyboard Text

  • vivian
  • michel
  • Timothy
  • Lauren
  • Lets go!
  • The story begins with kids discussing to go into the creek.They decide that they were going to bring snacks ,And some water so they weren't hungry of thirsty.
  • they finished getting ready timothy asked if it was okay in the creek and safe.Everyone told him it was okay but timothy was still scared.
  • While they walk into the creek they smell something that was really bad. Then they spotted something behind them.A skunk the skunk started chasing the kids.
  • Once the skunk stoped chasing the kids they ran for a bit longer to get away. When they stopped again they noticed something they couldn't find timothy and they were lost
  • After about 30 minuets of trying to find him they decided to find their way back to their house and tell vivians parents. When they find their way back they see timothy on the seat.
  • He tells them he was too scared and wanted to head back so he did.They were all refiled Everyone went back inside and ate ice cream.