NS #1
Updated: 12/18/2020
NS #1

Storyboard Text

  • This here is Japanese business investor, Yoshihide Suga.
  • He is here to do business in Canada, lets teach him our business etiquette.
  • First: Start with a well-dressed appearance. I remember I once wore a new jacket suit and it burst into flames. Well, after all, it was a blazer.
  • Let's simplify to 7 main concepts to remember.
  • Hi, I am Mark Brown.
  • We now entered the meeting. Oh Yoshihide, don't bow, this is not the end of a performance!
  • Hi,I am Yoshihide Suga.
  • A simple handshake will be fine.
  • Second: Start a greeting with a firm handshake and an introduction
  • Of course, nice to meet you.
  • It's nice to meet you, but you are late today.
  • Oh Yoshihide. Third: It is better to be 15 minutes early than late!!
  • I'm sorry for being late taking your time up.
  • Let us exchange business cards.
  • Fourth: When making business cards in Canada make sure to have both French and english written on them.
  • Yes, of course.
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