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Updated: 2/3/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Nicholas II
  • don't kill me and my family please
  • before i die, Stalin isn't a trusted man to be in charge.
  • Vladmir Lenin
  • Joseph Stalin
  • I rule this country and will lead you guys to victory
  • Nicholas the second was the last Czar in control. He ended up resigning because of his poor military abilities. He ended up being captured by the Bolshiviks and killed by them, the sad thing is they did a investigation on the murder and found nothing because they did it.
  • Bolsheviks vs Mensheviks
  • DIE! you're evil
  • Vladmir Lenin was the man in control right after the last Czar was killed and he led the change of the old age Russia to the rebrand to the USSR and ended up dying to 3 strokes but before tried to warn others about Stalin.
  • World War One
  • both sides thinking they're correct because of their beleifs
  • Joseph Stalin was the Soviet Unions leader before and after WW2 and rose to power after Lenin died. Stalin was had a odd personaility with decent speeching skills and still rose to power easily and died by age later in life.
  • Alexander III
  • I have a kid now, im going to name it Nicholas the second.
  • The white army and red army civil war was war after WW1 when Russia was still deciding who should still be in charge. The red army ultimatley won because of organization and better territory. Main reason why USSR stayed communist until 1991.
  • The first war which included loads of countries. Two sides conssting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and The Ottoman Empire (Central Powers) opposing the US, UK, France, Italy, Russia, and Japan (Allied Powers). Resulting in a win for the Allied powers. 4 year war which could have been avoided.
  • The father of Nicholas the second. He was the Czar and led Nicholas to the Throne before dying. He was considered to have liberal ideas coming from his father and passed them on to Nicholas II.
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