Birthday Surprise

Updated: 6/19/2020
Birthday Surprise

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  • 20th of june of 2020 (London)
  • In a few days is my birthday.
  • I am very sad that my best friend is not with me to celebrate
  • 20th of june of 2020 (United states)
  • I'm so happy and also nervous.
  • I can imagine her face.
  • 23th of june of 2020 (London)
  • What will happen to taylor?
  • Sheila has spent a year and a half abroad on the other side of the world away from her best friend and it would be her second birthday without her, they have always been inseparable so it is still difficult for her to be without her presence.
  • Taylor has been planning a trip for June of 23th to London, she wants to surprise her best friend, who in just 4 days will be her birthday.
  • Sheila is somewhat confused and thoughtful about Taylor has noticed something distant and cutting and does not know what has happened to her.