ACEs Comic
Updated: 12/19/2019
ACEs Comic
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  • Hello there, my name is John and this is my ACEs story. As a kid, my father was rarely around and when he was he would always be drunk and hurt my mother. I went through a lot of neglect as a kid since my dad never cared and my mom was always to hurt to pay attention to me.
  • Mom and dad fight every single day
  • Oh hey there, today´s my 13th birthday. I am officially a teenager. To bad my parents are too busy and did not have time to remember that today was a special day for me. I can still hear them fighting.
  • You´re useless!
  • I am now 17, my mom left us last year because she could not put up with my dad any longer. All my dad does now is lay on the couch and drink all day. I am never home now. I spend most of my days out in the streets. I sale drugs and rob people for money.
  • I am now 22 years old and I´ve been in jail since I was 18. 2 more years to go.
  • I am now 30 and I have overcome my ACEs. I took many rehab programs that allowed me to become a better person. I now have a good paying job and a wonderful 2 year old son who will not have to deal with ACEs
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