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Jesse Owens Storyboard thingy
Updated: 3/1/2019
Jesse Owens Storyboard thingy
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  • To start our story, Jesse Owens had been born on September 12, 1913 in Oakville, Alabama.
  • School is the place where Jesse got his nickname. "Jesse" is not his actual name it's James Cleveland but, he referred to himself as "J.C". The story starts when a teacher couldn't understand his southern accent and thought he said "Jesse" instead of "J.C".
  • 1 + 3 = fish Dog + Cat = DogCat
  • Lady + Man = LadyMan 4 + 35 = 435
  • Years later, Jesse Owens' career had started in high school where his skills had started but, college was where he started to get recognized as he broke 3 world records and tied a fourth.
  • Notes - Take notes people because I said so Y'all. Miss. Mar-Elia is the best teacher. Did you know the first person that you think of before you go to sleep either brings you great happiness or great sadness
  • Now, then the main part of his life. Jesse had reached the 1963 Berlin Olympic Games and won a total of 4 gold medals and even saluted with Hitler as well as prove him wrong. He had also been the first American to do this (the medals part).
  • 13
  • 77
  • 42
  • 99
  • Call 911 to get this animal
  • After winning the Olympics, Jesse had turned to race against horses and trying to do commercials (which failed) and NOT doing more things with track and field even though he was invited. \(◕ᗝ◕)/
  • Sadly, Jesse had died on March 31, 1980, due to lung cancer, he had smoked a packet of cigarettes every day. Don't smoke kids.
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