Chapter 12

Updated: 6/22/2021
Chapter 12

Storyboard Text

  • These are my favourite parts of chapter 12, Voices of Canada textbook.
  • I used page 312, 313, 316, and 317 for this storyboard!
  • David Grassby was 12 years old when he read an article about environmental threats to Oakbank pond near his home in thornhill, Ontario. David decided to help protect the pond and its wildlife.
  • David wrote many letters to the town Council, the CBC, and newpapers. He appered on several TV shows, including the natre of things hosted by David Suzuki. In each of his letters and interviews, David explained the problems facing the pond and suggested some solutions.
  • As we go through our daily lives, we often forget the impact we have on the natural resources that make up our environment.
  • Canadians are faced with a problem. Many of our activities have a negative impact on the environment, and therefore, on us. We depend on these activities for the way we live. They also provide millions of people with jobs.
  • Thank you for listening. Bye!