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Relax and Be Happy
Updated: 3/25/2020
Relax and Be Happy
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Canadian Community Health Survey studied how perception of health affects one's life satisfaction. As perceived health rose, life satisfaction rose. The mean average was 8.08. Most people rated their life satisfaction as 8/10. And people who had a good score for perceived health were more likely to rate their life satisfaction as 8 out of 10. out of the people who rated their life satisfaction as 8/10, those who had a better score for perceived health (4/5). Also a poll by Gallup was collected by the OECD asked people whether they had a social network support, via friends or family who they can count on. Most people have 2-4 loved ones who they can count on. Females have a slightly higher median of 92, while men have a median of 90. This suggests that females may generally have a slightly bigger social support network than men.

Storyboard Text

  • Darling, what happened?! Why are you crying?
  • I'm scared about the coronavirus...are we all going to die, Mom?
  • Oh, honey...everything is going to be just fine! Think about your blessings. You have so many people who love you.
  • Well...I do have a strong social support network. You're right...
  • Carly and her mother take a walk
  • It's so nice getting some fresh air. Do you feel better, honey?
  • Yeah, I know, a survey showed that the more healthy someone is, the more satisfied they are in life.
  • I think it goes both ways...the more happy and relaxed you are, the more healthier you are. So, relax and enjoy life!
  • Easier said than done....but, you make a good point, Mom!
  • Thanks mom...I love you!
  • During this challenging time, remember to appreciate your loved ones and enjoy every moment.
  • Not as much as I love you, darling!
  • Jameela Rasheed STAB23
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