Updated: 9/30/2021

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  • Are we ready to try to leave?
  • Yep, lets go.
  • you cant do that!
  • Come with me!
  • you must stay in a house for two weeks for betrail
  • 20 minutes later
  • Mel and Maverick are going to try to escape Athens and go to sparta.
  • Shhh. we have to be quiet or he will wake.
  • 3 hours later
  • 7 hours later
  • They get caught by one of Mavericks friends and he tells someone else.
  • What did you do?
  • It hurts!
  • C-Cut my l-leg.
  • we crossed the mountain to get here please let us stay
  • You guys had to be judged and were told to stay in a house unless you have somebody escort you both to do something.
  • None of us warriors can get over that mountain. H-How did you. Y-Your Athenian.
  • Mel and Maverick snuck out and head to the mountains to go to Sparta.
  • Mel cuts her leg on the rock so it slowed them down a little.
  • They finally arrived at Sparta after their journey and asked if they can stay