My Side of the Mountain
Updated: 5/14/2020
My Side of the Mountain

Storyboard Text

  • During his time there he learned so many things and he learned how to tame a hawk
  • There once was a boy that had run away
  • One day he wanted to go to a strawberry field that he had found he was extremely hungry
  • Once he arrived he had saw a old lady picking all the strawberries
  • The lady wanted him to help she was so demanding he had to
  • The lady had told him to come to the town he did not want to but the lady wants again was demanding
  • Once they had arrived at the Town the woman said walking me to my home please
  • The boys said to himself oh well I'm already in the town
  • The woman said thank you and she ended up giving him a couple strawberries
  • The boy had walked back to his old tree his Hawk went flying towards him he was very confused he thought the day what's very odd