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Social Media Addiction
Updated: 10/2/2020
Social Media Addiction
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Social Media Addiction that not many people know they have. Not have any form or access to a phone to check Facebook or Instagram creates anxiety for someone who is in need to keep up to date with social media. Social media has its cons because we don't always know if what people post is real you can see a happy couple but that's what they chose to show for all we know they could be unhappy at home with each other. Social media creates a false reality and can cause pyschological issues and insecurities

Storyboard Text

  • I wonder how many likes I got on instagram while I was asleep
  • Who knows what their life is really like
  • I wish I looked as happy as these fitness people look in their photos
  • you failed your test give me your phone. No phone for a week
  • noo please I need my phone
  • Social media is a big factor in almost everyone day to day life. We may not realize but 90% of the time when we check our phones we also check facebook, instagram or twitter
  • What most people don't realize is social media can be very damaging to our mental state. How you may wonder? You start to focus more on social media then your work or homework or just day to day life
  • Social Media addiction can be at any age. It has been proven that social media addictions lights up the same parts of our brain as if it was addictive substances
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