Updated: 2/14/2020

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  • We should have a National bank so that it could strengthen the federal government and improve our nation's credit from all of the debt.
  • The power should go to the states and the people, plus the back would tax other countries who already payed there tax.
  • We don't have to argue guys
  • He wont agree to anything that could help the union
  • All you care about is the union and not the states, some sates should not have to pay absurd tax
  • Like what?
  • Guys, maybe we can stop arguing and come up with a compromise that would benift all of us.
  • I want to have a national bank so we can help the union.
  • also, what should we call it?
  • What do you guys want?
  • I want to name and choose the location of the states capitol.
  • YAY!
  • Congress has passed a new law called the "resident act" witch gives the federalists the national bank, but the republicans get to choose the location for the nations capitol.
  • YAY!