odyssey assessment
Updated: 5/20/2020
odyssey assessment

Storyboard Text

  • Ah, let the master come! Father Zeus, grant our old wish! Some courier guide him back! Then judge what stuff is in me and how I manage arms!
  • The King of Ithaca had returned home. He came across two men and asked them if they would stand by Odysseus, keep in mind at this point they just think it is a stranger. This is how they respond...
  • Would you be men enough to stand by Odysseus if he came back?
  • Odysseus broke the news that it was him since they appeared loyal by their response. They were extremely excited and happy so they started to weep and kiss his head and shoulders. Odysseus reacted by kissing their head and hands as well.
  • Break off, no more of this. Anyone at the door could see and tell them.
  • After that, he told them his plan. They were to walk into the hall but at different intervals, bring him the bow at the door, inform the women not the come out if they heard fighting, lock the outer gate, and throw the cross bar and latch it
  • They went to go accomplish their tasks.
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