Updated: 5/8/2020

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  • And You Wonder Why We Get Called the Weird Watsons
  • Give My Regards to Clark, Poindexter
  • The World's Greatest Dinosaur War Ever
  • It is freezing cold outside and the family is huddled together in the living except Byron. To distract from the cold Dad talks about the story were Momma almost married a guy named Moses Henderson.
  • Froze Up Southern Folks
  • Kenny finds a dollar and Larry thinks two 50 cents made that so he turn the dollar bill to 2 50 cents and gave one of then to Kenny. Kenny also is a very good reader and read in Byron's 5th grade class.
  • Nazi Parachutes Attack America and Get Shot Down over the Flint River by Captain Byron Watson and his Flamethrower of Death
  • Two new kids arrive to Kenny bus which their names are Rufus and Cody soon Rufus will be friends with Kenny. Lj also stole a whole bunch of dinosaur from Kenny.
  • Swedish Cremes and Welfare Cheese/ Every Chihuahua in America Lines Up to Take a Bite out of Byron
  • Rufus and Kenny shared a pair of leather gloves until Larry stole them. Byron started fighting Larry because he stole the gloves and Kenny got them back. Joey whined about wearing to much clothing during winter.
  • Byron was caught playing with fire and Momma almost burnt him but Joey stopped her. Instead his dad whipped him.
  • Kenny and Byron had to go get groceries and they were embarrassed because they thought they were on Welfare. Byron thought it was free food and bought green apples and cookies a few days later then killed a bird felt guilty or remorseful and vomited and then buried the bird.Byron got a new hair style and his mother doesn't not like it eventually his father shaving of his head. While walking downstairs Bryon punch Kenny's ear which made him cry of the steps with Joey beside him.